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V Girls Club is Hong Kong’s first vegan lifestyle platform. The online video program in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles releases a new episode every month to promote a cruelty-free and environmental-friendly lifestyle and bridges people from around the world to understand more about veganism.

V Girls Club brings together an engaged community via its videos and events. Despite the diversity in diet, occupation and background, all V Girls Club hosts share the same goal of pursuing healthy, environmental-friendly and peaceful way of living.

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V Girls Club是香港首個介紹純素主義的時尚生活平台,一站式提供純素飲食、美容、健康及運動等資訊。由全女班主播擔任主持的視頻,每月定期在網上以粵語播出,配合英語字幕,擔當連繫香港、亞洲以至世界各地純素支持者的橋樑,致力推廣不一樣的健康生活,提倡以愛和環保為中心的零殘害生活方式。

V Girls Club的成員都是喜歡純素美食的Voodies,經常周遊列國的Voyagers,雖然各有不同飲食習慣、不同職業背景,但都抱著共同的理念– 對健康、環保、和平生活的追求。

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